Physical Security and Lower Operating Costs for Healthcare, Education, Government and Commercial Facilities

Precision Edge Access Control solutions add protection of physical assets.  Wherever they are deployed, these enhanced security systems enable a number of  solutions featuring advanced capabilities and cost-cutting efficiencies which are unprecedented in the industry.  By utilizing the IT infrastructure and industry standard communication languages the Precision Edge access control solution can bring together multiple systems into a single building solution.

Each Precision Edge solution meets the specific needs of a broad spectrum of those involved in the security decision making process including IT Managers, Security Departments, Human Resources, and Facility Managers.  These professionals benefit from systems with advanced capabilities which:

  • easily and cost-effectively deploy on existing networks
  • easily integrate with existing software and hardware
  • are easy to manage, change and expand


Precision Edge solutions are distributed by authorized Strategic System Integrators, and partner manufacturers who use the PrecisionEdge technology in their own branded products.

Find a Precision Edge Authorized Integrator in your area: Email for more information