State-of-the-Art DVR Software for Video Surveillance Solutions

EdgeView® software provides DVR and NVR capabilities for the PrecisionEdge security solutions.  Fully integrated with Precision Edge solutions for access control, building automation and alarm mangement, EdgeView® allows for seamless video and access control integration.  Unlike other systems, it leverages your existing network infrastructure and enables easy development of custom applications.  With remote client and web client capability, EdgeView® is easy to monitor, manage and control from any location.

Flexible and scalable, EdgeView® supports up to 32 cameras at a time, a broad range of recording modes and triggers, numerous data storage and sharing options, and easy-to-operate search and retrieval capabilities. Optional software modules make it customizable for industry-specific purposes such as ATM, cash register, and guard monitoring applications.

Key features:

  • Browser- or client-based viewing
  • Mini-desktop, desktop, or rackmount profile
  • Support for multiple cameras and views
  • Recording modes: continuous, motion-triggered, event-based, or on-demand
  • Remote viewing, video downloading, alarm notification
  • Automatic notification of alarms to up to 256 receivers
  • Bandwidth throttle
  • Highly secure, password-protected access with multiple access levels

To learn more, download: