Fully Integrated, Easy-To-Manage, Advanced Access Control Software

EdgeAccess® access control software combines advanced monitoring and management software with controller hardware, door hardware, readers and connectors to provide comprehensive control over access to protected environments.  By utilizing the existing IT infrastructure, EdgeAccess® can be deployed anywhere on the network without the expense and hassle of running cables across great distances.  The EdgeAccess® platform allows your team manage your facility from any location, and easily add new locations anywhere on the LAN.  EdgeAccess is a key component of Precision Edge EdgeProtect® solution.

Key features of Precision Edge EdgeAccess®:

  • Ability to start small – even with just a single access point – and scale up to even the largest requirements
  • Compatibility with a variety of industry-standard access control devices
  • IP-native, browser-based monitoring and management
  • Integrated, real-time views of events at multiple access control points
  • Immediate alerts for the most rapid response possible
  • Delivery of alerts via user-specified pagers and e-mail
  • Easy to integrate with existing secondary systems such as building automation and video surveillance

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