PrecisionEdge® EdgeProtect

The Software Behind PrecisionEdge Access Control

PrecisionEdge EdgeProtect® integration software provides the most efficient path towards the advanced capabilities you need, plus unprecedented cost-reducing efficiencies.  Through providing a deeply complete software package, EdgeProtect helps turn your security system into a robust, efficient system, by enabling applications that use input from a variety of systems, creating unique actionable intelligence.

In addition to providing fully integrated functionality, EdgeProtect integrates easily with your existing technology investments, including building automation systems, video surveillance, and intrusion systems.

EdgeProtect can be configured with components for access control, video monitoring, and environmental monitoring – or any combination thereof – to meet specific needs in a variety of environments.

Key features

  • Built on open standards to enable seamless integration with existing BAS and IT systems
  • Fully configurable via web interface
  • Integrated video monitoring with real-time event video and alerts
  • Flexible access control for multiple points in multiple locations
  • Scalability and modularity to easily increase coverage as required
  • Environmental monitoring of temperature, humidity, and water sensors
  • Fully integrated event management console
  • IP-based for point-of-need protection and real-time responses
  • Thin-client architecture for streamlined application deployment

To learn more, download:

PrecisionEdge EdgeProtect brochure (PDF)

PrecisionEdge EdgeAccess brochure (PDF)

PrecisionEdge EdgeView brochure (PDF)

PrecisionEdge EdgeManager product sheet (PDF)

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