Laramie County School District

April 28, 2010 in Case Studies

Pine Bluffs, Wyoming

The project included four elementary schools, two junior/senior high schools, a vehicle maintenance facility and an administrative building. The entire projected needed to be integrated into one graphical user interface to simplify monitoring and enable remote management. 

Enhancing security in our nation’s educational facilities has never been more critical or challenging. NovusEdge and its system integration partners have completed several successful installations at the K-12 and University levels, integrating access control and video surveillance over an IP network.

The Challenge

The Laramie County School District, located in Pine Bluffs, Wyoming, wanted to better ensure the physical safety of their students and faculty, as well as be able to protect physical assets.

Budget, timing and environmental conditions were also strong considerations during the installation.

The project included 4 Elementary Schools, 2 Junior/Senior High Schools, a vehicle maintenance facility and an administrative building totaling 35 access points (doors) that needed to be integrated onto one graphical user interface to simplify monitoring and enable remote management.

The Solution

NovusEdge, working with its local Strategic System Integrator LONG Building Technologies, identified and installed the hardware components and software package needed to create an access control and video surveillance security system for the Laramie County School District.

The installation leveraged the existing IT network wherever possible.

The project included 35 card access installations, 30 IP cameras, 5 network video recorders and the required management software.

The Results

The NovusEdge Strategic System Integrator successfully completed the installation in November 2006. Additional onsite and remote technical support provided by the NovusEdge team ensured the solution and its functionality were fully optimized. Leveraging the existing IT network proved to be a benefit to project cost and timing of the system installation.

“Our facilities are more secure than they were previous to the NovusEdge installation. We especially appreciate the after-hours security afforded by this system.”
- Kim Nelson, Facilities Management

In addition to the added security, the current system is open, flexible and interoperable with other solutions. These attributes will become essential as expansion plans are already under way. The next stage includes an additional 12 access points and 10 cameras on existing facilities as well as security systems for 2 new elementary schools. The system and software components that NovusEdge and its local system integration partner have installed have been specified for all future planned installations.