Frost & Sullivan Recognizes Precision Edge For Business Development sStrategy Leadership In Building Automation

April 28, 2010 in Latest News & Events, Press Release

Palo Alto, Calif. — March 14, 2006 — Frost & Sullivan recently named Precision Edge, Inc. as the recipient of the 2006 Building Automation Systems Business Development Strategy Leadership of the Year Award.

The company receives this honor for its extraordinary achievements in developing a strong market dissemination strategy, which has facilitated significant headway in the building automation integration industry.

“Precision Edge provides fully integrated access control and video solutions, which are interoperable and can be incorporated with existing building automation systems (BAS) technologies with considerable ease,” said Frost & Sullivan research analyst R. Srivatsan. “Precision Edge’s product offering, EdgeProtect™, is primarily focused on providing ease in integration of various facilities with the BAS.”

In addition to being open and scalable, this comprehensive solution is ideal for installation in new and existing environments and can be attuned with a range of readers, keys, and cameras.

Precision Edge has concentrated on gaining recognition in specific end-user groups with significant potential and has business presence across several verticals including commercial, healthcare, and education. Also, a robust product offering has enabled it to cater to the needs of government sector.

The performance of these products has increased Precision Edge’s visibility in the industry, and the company doubled its revenues and tripled its installations in 2005.

To effectively meet end-user needs in the BAS integration space, it is necessary to establish partnerships that will not only facilitate installation of company products, but also aid market expansion. Precision Edge has optimized its alliance programs by partnering with OEMs and system integrators thereby providing a wholesome solution.

Precision Edge’s strong relations with its channel partners have facilitated the company’s ability to rapidly produce and deliver new solutions to match end-users’ dynamic requirements. The company also offers training sessions to its partners to educate and facilitate installation services for its EdgeProtect™.

“The system integrators are the immediate beneficiaries of the company’s product, since they offer Precision Edge-based products to end-users as a part of their integrated BAS solutions,” noted Srivatsan. “System integration and application is possible with considerable ease, and the end-users enjoy great return on investment and reduction in their operating costs.”

The product also protects the future interests of end-users, since it is an open platform and enables incorporation of various products. End-users can add new system components that perform seamlessly with existing systems to offer greater flexibility and efficiency and lower costs.

With more users seeking integration, Precision Edge has strategically positioned itself for further growth in the building automation and security space.

Frost & Sullivan presents this Award to a company that has exhibited excellence in business development within the industry. The Award recognizes the company’s ability to best perceive consumer needs, develop products and/or services that meet consumer needs, successfully introduce products to the industry, and identify new market segments to expand the existing customer base. Thus, through a combination of vision, technology, and successful marketing, the Award recipient has demonstrated superior market growth skills.
About Precision Edge, Inc.

Precision Edge is a leader in IP-enabled physical access control and asset protection whose solutions enable organizations to be constantly aware of, and in control of what is happening at the edge of their networks. Precision Edge improves the safety and efficiency of property, assets and people through modular, scalable, intelligent IP-enabled solutions. Precision Edge solutions include Access Control, Digital Video Surveillance and Control, Environmental Monitoring, and Alarm and Event Management all integrated into Building Automation Systems. Precision Edge, Inc was founded in 1999 as Precision Security Systems and changed its name in 2004 to reflect the natural extension of its strategy to embrace network-edge solutions. The company is headquartered in Austin, Texas and maintains offices in California, Texas and Virginia. For more information, please visit

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