Precision Edge was founded as Lars Industries, a family-operated security company designing and engineering custom security solutions for the Texas market.


Lars becomes Novus Edge, Inc and implements the industry’s first IP NATIVE card access and security solution incorporating a small operating system within the controller itself allowing the field controllers to have full autonomy regarding permissions and authorization rights without any interaction with the central database.


Novus Edge, Inc. becomes Precision Edge Access Control, Inc. and relocates to Lisle, IL, just outside Chicago, IL.

The original founders of Lars Technology envisioned the great value of integrating physical devices and the data they generate into the IT system. Precision Edge continues this vision of pioneering integrated access control systems, video surveillance and environmental sensors with automated building controls — using intelligence and capabilities from each system to enhance the other. The results include true facility solutions with enhanced capabilities and cost-cutting efficiencies.

Precision Edge Today

Precision Edge Access Control, Inc. is located just outside Chicago, IL and provides market-tested solutions for the physical and logical security industry. These solutions include true IT solutions for physical security, building automation and intrusion detection integration, as well as video surveillance and custom systems integration.