A Message from Precision Edge

Welcome to Precision Edge Access Control!

We were the first to provide IP-native physical access control and integrated security.  Since 1999 Precision Edge has been leading the industry in systems integration using the Local Area Network (LAN) as the backbone.  From access control and alarm management to video surveillance and integration with secondary systems such as building automation and lighting, Precision Edge has been residing on IP networks longer than any other access control company.  This history of proven performance combined with an ideal of keeping our hardware and software packages simple has been the cornerstone of our success.

While some companies in the industry continue to add software and hardware modules creating vast, complex, matrices we have striven to keep our solution simple.  Simple to specify, simple to install, and simple to program.  Instead of adding software modules each time we create a new integration, we include most of our integrations in our base software package.  Custom integrations are always available using our partnership with Tridium’s Niagara A/X soft Jace.  In lieu of creation option board after option board, our modules have been designed to be field programmable allowing the maximum flexibility with minimal investment in physical hardware.  To add system flexibility, our partnerships with third party manufacturers has led us to a place in the industry not regularly visited.  Whether your building systems are LON, BacNet, Modbus, or FOX, Precision Edge has the access control and security solution to create a facility so smart, you’ll swear it’s alive.

Everywhere you go today the talk in the industry is centered around IP-enabled systems and integration with secondary systems.  Being IP-enabled is vastly different from being IP-native.  We go beyond adding an Ethernet option card to our controllers.  Precision Edge’s controllers are embedded with an on board operating system creating a system that can truly make all decisions at the edge of the network.

Come inside and have a look around.  As questions arise, please feel free to call us at 888-388-2273.  Everyone here at Precision Edge is fully committed to working with you and your customers to create the next generation of facility access and integration.